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Quinn & Kronlund, LLP brings more than 60 years of combined legal experience to their practice. Specializing in mediation and arbitration, Daniel F. Quinn has developed skills that help him resolve disputes without trial.

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About Quinn & Kronlund, L.L.P. - Attorneys at Law

The Stockton law firm of Quinn & Kronlund, LLP believes people involved in a legal dispute should be actively involved in resolving it. We, therefore, focus our practice on mediation and arbitration — two informal, non-confrontational dispute resolution techniques where the goal is to help parties reach a voluntary agreement that everyone can live by.

n December 1994, Daniel F. Quinn left his position as a senior partner at another Stockton, CA law firm to start his own practice: the Law Offices of Daniel F. Quinn. During his 43 years as a California attorney, he had earned the attention of his fellow lawyers and the business community at large, all of whom encouraged him to become more actively involved in settling cases.

Through the Law Offices of Daniel F. Quinn, he did exactly that, focusing primarily on resolving cases through mediation and arbitration and venturing into litigation when necessary.

In March 1995, Michael C. Kronlund joined the firm as an associate attorney. In November 1998 he became a partner and the firm became Quinn & Kronlund, LLP.

Mediation is one of the best resolution processes in the American legal system. A form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), mediation occurs when an independent third party, or mediator, helps two or more parties involved in a dispute negotiate a settlement. It is often faster and less expensive than a traditional court battle.

From his earliest days as a Stockton lawyer, Daniel F. Quinn earned high praise from his fellow attorneys and business associates for his ability to settle complicated cases. Many encouraged him to become more actively involved in mediation and arbitration. In 1994, he took their advice and formed a private practice.

Mr. Quinn's reputation as a mediator is highly respected among attorneys in Northern California. He often serves as a mediator, arbitrator, special master and temporary judge in cases.

Our lawyers are trustworthy, enjoy an impressive success rate and often travel to accommodate the particular needs of our clients.

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