Vexma Technology Pvt Ltd

Vexma Technology Pvt Ltd

What We Do!

Vexma Technologies pvt ltd provides a one stop shop for product development and design to mass manufacturing solutions. With endless possibilities in 3d printing services, we provide solutions that benefits Doctors, Engineers, Architects and enthusiast.

Our Services

  • Aerospace
  • Architecture
  • Automotive
  • Commercial/consumer products
  • Defense
  • Dental
  • Education

About Vexma Technology Pvt Ltd

We are a rapid product design development solutions provider bringing digital manufacturing to the design and creative scene in Vadodara city of Gujarat, India.

As a 3D printing solutions provider, we strive to provide our valued clients with excellent product design and development services in the realm of the additive manufacturing.

We also offer a variety of engineering thermoplastics to choose from, along with other services that are well suited for different industrial applications.
Mastering evolving technologies as part of the additive manufacturing revolution, we aim to create a sustainable business environment to generate revenues for the company while empowering the “Make In India” campaign as part of the process.
Vexma Technologies has expertise in saving time and money in product design and development, from mass customization to mass manufacturing products, from thermoplastics to metal casting. This technology allows for intricate shapes and features not easily (or cheaply!) obtainable using traditional manufacturing methods. We cater services from aerospace, architecture, automotive, commercial/ consumer products, defense, Dental, education, medical, entertainment industries. Our services can be used in applications for making concept models, functional prototyping, manufacturing tooling, end-use parts, digital manufacturing, finishing, reverse engineering etc.

Our Location:

Vadodara, 390002 IN

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