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Vicoustic North America offers a wide variety cutting-edge acoustic products and technical support options that will exceed all of your commercial and personal needs and expectations. Meet the challenge and enjoy the sights and sounds of the Vicoustic solution!

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  • Studio Acoustics
  • Acoustic Treatment
  • Architectural Acoustics
  • Acoustic Panels
  • Sound treatment
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About Vicoustic North America

Vicoustic North America proudly presents its incomparable line of affordable Acoustic Panels and Sound Isolation Products. After a decade of University and in-house Research and Development, Vicoustic engineers, designers and artisans, dedicated to both "Form and Function", offer their artistic accomplishments to the Americas.

These unique acoustic solutions were created to satisfy the most extreme demands of the acoustic spectrum, from Hi-Fi and Home Cinema, to Studios, Restaurants, Offices, Schools, Houses of Worship, Auditoriums - and beyond.

VNA's Seattle based Sales and Technical Team stands prepared to satisfy your requirements, by providing not only products, but a full range of support services from analysis to installation, as you may require.

Browse further for an in-depth review, as well as a glimpse of our World-Wide Portfolio featuring our Acoustic Treatment projects.
Vicoustic is more than a manufacturer of acoustic treatment products and services. Vicoustic stands behind delivering high performance, sleek design, and revolutionary sound to audiophiles worldwide. With distributors located in over 50 countries, Vicoustic is readily available within arm's reach. Offices, classrooms, recording studios, restaurants, hospitals, churches, hotels, and nightclubs - these are only a sample of large room environments in which we redesign for improved sound while still complying with safety and environmental regulations. Our award-winning acoustical treatments, Vicoustic Super Bass Extreme and Wavewood Panel, are popular solutions to effectively absorbing frequencies while maintaining ambience. For audio professionals we exclusively offer Vitune, our acoustic measurement and analysis software, which fixes reverberation time problems and controls first reflections. Other products include diffusions, bass traps, acoustic doors, insulation blankets, anti-vibratics, isolation simulators, and more. Consult Vicoustic today for any installation and purchase queries.

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5701 Sixth Avenue South 229
Seattle, Washington 98108 US

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