Law Offices of Roland, Pennington & Trodden

Law Offices of Roland, Pennington & Trodden

What We Do!

The Office of Roland Pennington & Trodden is a firm that provides outstanding legal representation to those that have sustained an injury due to the negligence of another person or business. We also help the injured workers obtain medical benefits and permanent disability compensation. We make it our focus to give our clients the very best aggressive representation in the Los Angeles area

Our Services

  • We handle Workers' Compensation cases on behalf of the injure worker
  • We handle all types of Personal Injuries
  • Our firm handles Social Security claims

About Law Offices of Roland, Pennington & Trodden

The Office of Roland Pennington&Trodden was created in 1979 by the senior partner George P. Roland. Our attorneys specialize in all aspects of California Workers Compensation on behalf of the injured worker. Our attorneys also handle claims for discrimination under Labor Code Section 132a, as well as claims for serious and willful misconduct, and third party civil claims arising from a work injury. Additionally, Roland Pennington&Trodden handles social security claims and serious Personal Injury claims arising from motor accidents, premises liability and workplace accidents.

Our Location:

7083 Hollywood Blvd Ste, 602
Los Angeles, California 90028 US

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