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Board Certified, A/V Rated Austin Law Frim Specializing in DWI and Genral Criminal Defense

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About Buford & Gonzalez

Our firm’s approach to DWI defense is different than other law firms and is based on the belief that it is possible to beat any DWI charge, regardless of any challenging facts. Attorneys at other firms regularly encourage their clients to plead guilty to a charge of DWI if there are any facts that are not favorable to your position. However, at Buford & Gonzalez our understanding of science, the law, and our years of experience defending these types of charges give us the ability to fight any claims of DWI.

The Austin DWI lawyers at our firm have been recognized at the state and federal level for excellence in DWI defense. Our clients’ testimonials about the quality of our firm’s work and dedication to their cases illustrate how strongly we fight on behalf of their cases. Furthermore, our notable history of success in defending our clients against charges of DWI proves that you can trust the experience and knowledge of the attorneys at our firm.

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