Criminal Law Attorneys in Idaho

Criminal Law Attorneys in Idaho

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The Boise attorneys at the Cox Law Firm represent clients in legal matters of criminal defense and family law in South Idaho. Call for a free initial consultation.

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About Criminal Law Attorneys in Idaho

For more than 20 years, the Cox Law Firm has provided exemplary legal representation in criminal defense and family law matters in the Boise, Idaho area. We serve primarily Ada County with service in all neighboring counties.
Our Boise criminal defense and divorce attorneys will do everything to help ensure that your rights are protected. Our job is to fight on your behalf if you’ve been charged with a crime, such as drunk driving, or are involved in a divorce or other family legal matter. More specifically, we will provide you with every available option to best resolve your case. In the end it will be your decision on how to proceed after being fully informed.
Serious criminal cases and divorces are high-stakes legal matters with dire consequences if not handled correctly. The outcome of these events will drastically impact your future. At the Cox Law Firm, we have the ability to help you steer that outcome in your favor.

Our record of trial success dealing with criminal cases and family issues gives our clients an additional advantage. Whether your opponent is a prosecuting attorney or a divorcing spouse, he or she will know right away that your lawyer has the courtroom skills necessary to protect your interests and future. That leverage can make the difference between a favorable settlement and a disappointing compromise.

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