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Test Engineering

What We Do!

Professional performance of work for certification and declaring of machines and equipment with requirements of technical regulations the Customs Union, testing of load cranes, aerial platforms, building hoists, boilers, industry valves etc., translation of documents to Russian, consulting services for development of technical documentation

Our Services

  • Professional performance of work for certification and declaring of machine
  • testing of load cranes
  • aerial platforms
  • building hoists
  • boilers
  • industry valves etc.
  • translation of documents to Russian

About Test Engineering

Experts of u00abTEST ENGINEERING Ltd.u00bb will carry out technical translation for you on such themes as: mechanical engineering, power engineering, electrical equipment. At the certification of products the applicant must provide technical documentation, which must meet certain requirements. Our experts have considerable experience in translating of scientific and technical text. They are viewing every document with special attention, carefully checking every word. So created by them professional technical translations are always so neat and accurate. Besides our specialists are experts in different areas of industrial safety and product certification.

Our Location:

9 January, 7A
Ivanovo, 153002 RU

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