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The types of damages a surviving family can recover for wrongful death differ from non-fatal accidental injuries as set forth under California law. Only specific claimants, normally the legal heirs of the victim, can bring a wrongful death action. They must file a lawsuit no later than two years after the accident date in most cases. If a lawsuit is not timely filed, except for some exceptions, there is usually no possibility of recovering compensation.For more visit our site

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At National Choice Lawyers, we provide exceptional representation in all types of personal injury and accident claims. We do a great job for our clients and they return to us because they are happy and satisfied with the results. Our local and national base of attorneys and bilingual staff are compassionate towards our clients’ causes and care for the community we serve. We are here to make sure you are cared for and properly represented.
If you or your loved one suffered injuries in truck or car accident, or by negligent medical professionals, you need to speak with our skilled attorney to protect your interests. Our breadth and depth of experience provides us with the knowledge and insight to handle any type of personal injury claim, including auto accidents, products liability and work injuries.
Our base of skilled medical malpractice attorneys successfully handle birth injuries and defective medical product claims. If a member of your family has unfortunately died because of an accidental injury, we can capably represent you in a wrongful death action.

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