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PCBCART is one of the best printed circuit board manufacturers in China. They offer the entire service from producing the PCB through to ordering parts, assembling and testing.

Our Services

  • Standard PCBs
  • Custom PCBs
  • Thick copper PCB
  • High TG PCB
  • Halogen free PCB
  • PCB solder stencils


PCBCART provides high-quality printed circuits boards from multiple manufacturing locations throughout China. Since our establishment in 2005, we have helped thousands of engineers, purchasers and electronic hobbyists, from business to education institutions, to develop innovative applications that transform their products and the industry in which they operate. As a customer-driven manufacturing company, PCBCART is committed to adhering to the strictest quality standards in the production and assembly of our products, and we work hard to ensure we meet the specific requirements of each and every one of our customers. Along the way, we have built a solid reputation for great quality, competitive pricing and "just in time" delivery, and have distributed products to satisfied customers in every corner of the world.
PCBCART believes that customers and their needs are at the heart of any successful business. As such, we offer a range of bespoke offerings and customer service options to ensure we meet customer requirements. From prototyping to manufacturing, custom PCB to assembly and part kitting, design instructions to material advice, you can rely on our professional team to produce product specifications that meet your exacting standards every step of the way.

Our Location:

Floor 3rd/4th, Building #1, NO.163 Wu Chang Road
Hangzhou, 310023 CN

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