Planet Bet in Nigeria

Planet Bet in Nigeria

What We Do!

Planet Bet is an online sports betting site, where you can use your credit card to bet online. You can bet on sports like soccer, basketball and baseball, etc.

Our Services

  • Livescore
  • Mobile betting
  • Online booking

About Planet Bet in Nigeria

Planet Bet is an Online Sports Betting Company that is stationed in Nigeria. We provide both a website where people all over Nigeria can bet online using credit cards, and Shops in which people in Lagos can go to and place bets using cash. Our Customers from all around Nigeria can enter and bet on their favourite teams in any sport. Winners that play on the website will immediately receive the amount of money that they have won inside their accounts.
We also provide Shops all around Lagos where our customers who live in Lagos can come and place bets using cash instead of credit cards.
Multiple agents are inside every shop, and are ready to assist you by showing you fixtures, taking all the bets you've placed, and paying you instantly the money that you have won with cash.

Our Location:

59 korodu Road, Fadeyi, Mushin
Lagos, 100252 NG

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