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Electrician Toronto

What We Do!

Kitchen electrician in Toronto. Renovation wiring in Etobicoke. Safety has been, is, and always will be our number one priority. Along with dedication to the highest quality workmanship it has earned us an industry wide reputation for excellence in electrical work.

Our Services

  • loss of power
  • fix new circuit
  • building wiring
  • tripping breakers
  • relocate or remove
  • plug without power
  • basement renovation

About Electrician Toronto

We make our customers feel important by listening to them and to what their real reason of contacting us is. Asking questions helps us to identify what happened and what each particular customer's needs and expectations are.

We treat every caller as our most important customer. Finding the best and fastest solution to the problem is important to us.

Business owners want to feel that their issue will be dealt with promptly. Homeowners need to know they are valued by our tradesmen. That is why we consider every caller's needs as the most important item at this very moment.

To make you feel valued and exceptional we are willing to drop everything to solve your specific fault or breakdown. We offer emergency and non-urgent service calls.

Non urgent calls are typically performed within 2 to 3 days depending on availability. Urgent service requests are taken care of within 90 minutes.

Experience matters. That is why we fix over 80% of power failures within one hour. Moreover, 60% of small issues are eliminated in just 20 minutes or even less.

Upon arrival, we will inspect the electrical system for obvious issues or hazards and recommend the best course of action to remedy other problems, if any. This is a free complimentary service. Fixing a few small hidden problems during one visit would save you a hundred dollars or more! And it would make the house, condo, office, store, restaurant or building safer at the same time.

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