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Power Legal Group is a Los Angeles personal injury law firm offering aggressive representation combined with personalized service. LA Personal Injury Lawyer Bobby Yaghoubian and his team are dedicated to serving all of the people of Southern California from all walks of life and pursuing maximum compensation in every case they take. If you need aggressive attorneys committed to getting you the most compensation possible, call the Power Legal Group.

Our Attorneys Have a Rare Approach to Personal Injury Litigation in Southern California

LA Personal Injury Lawyer Bobby Yaghoubian started the Power Legal Group because they wanted to have a Los Angeles law firm that offered aggressive representation combined with personalized service.

They are dedicated to serving all of the people of Southern California from all walks of life and pursuing maximum compensation in every case they take. If you need aggressive attorneys committed to getting you the most compensation possible, call the Power Legal Group.

From whiplash caused by a fender-bender on the 405 to a traumatic brain injury suffered at a California construction site, there is no case too small and no case too large and complex for the Power Legal Group. If you need attorneys who will be completely committed to your cause, contact us now.

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About Power Legal Group, P.C.

After an accident, picking a lawyer to represent you for financial compensation may feel like a low priority. Moreover, sifting among the plethora of personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles can seem like a daunting task. But ignoring the financial impact until it’s too late just makes a bad situation infinitely worse.

But choosing a bad attorney can cost you much more money in the long run, and will certainly add to your already substantial stress level.

In order to make the right decision, it is important to remember that there are many factors to consider. Pay close attention to:


As they say, there is simply no substitute for experience. Hiring an attorney who is familiar with handling your type of case can make a significant impact to the outcome.

For example, if your personal injury is related to a handheld product, you should not choose a personal injury lawyer who has dealt almost exclusively with auto accidents.

Different types of personal injury cases involve different venues of prosecution. While an auto accident case would be filed where the accident happened, a case involving a product that was manufactured in another state can be much more complicated.

In addition, the attorney should be familiar with the specific state laws and precedents relevant to your case. Before you decide on your lawyer, ask about their rate of success with similar cases in Los Angeles, and make sure they are prepared to handle it.


The focus of your attorney’s practice can make a huge impact. It comes back to how familiar your lawyer is with handling your type of case.

Knowledge of personal injury law is vital. Your lawyer needs to know how to “navigate the waters,” as most personal injury cases are settled before trial. Don’t call your lawyer friend who usually handles corporate cases at his firm, no matter how much of a discount he may be offering—your case and your friendship may suffer. Match the lawyer to your case.


An objective lawyer is paramount. Make sure he or she is not trying to quickly settle in order to move on to the next client.

Also, ask whether your lawyer represents corporate clients or insurance companies, as this may signify an inherent conflict of interest. Your attorney should be working in your best interest, not some faceless insurance company’s.


You will likely be working with whomever you hire for a long period of time. Typical personal injury cases can run up to two years or more.

While it may not seem like an important issue, you will want to be comfortable with the lawyer that you choose. He or she should be friendly towards you and treat you with respect.

Your attorney should communicate with you, answer your questions, and return phone calls. Although these considerations may seem like common courtesy, you should not expect that every attorney would behave so. Make sure that your attorney’s personality is agreeable to you.


If your attorney has a competent and fair reputation in their field, it will go a long way with the plaintiff, defendant, and the court. An attorney’s positive reputation will put a client in the best position to succeed.

A simple license to practice law is not enough to ensure victory. Before you hire, do your research to see how your lawyer is viewed in the legal community and the community-at-large, look at reviews, inquire about awards, etc.

Selecting the right attorney will help to ensure the best possible outcome. Don’t make any snap decisions when choosing a personal injury lawyer to represent you. Take your time to find someone who is well suited to your particular needs, and don’t be afraid to talk to several lawyers before making your final decision.

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