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Robert M. Owens is a former Sunbury, Ohio prosecutor who uses his personal and professional experiences to design creative solutions for all of your legal needs.

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Robert Owens is a seasoned, successful trial lawyer. Robert’s wide ranging legal exposure over the last two decades includes experience as a prosecutor, working for a federal judge, tasked as special counsel for the attorney general, employment with a large Columbus law firm and finally - over the last 10 years - as the founder of Owens Law Office. Robert has won major felony trials, civil trials involving hundreds of thousands of dollars and highly contested domestic cases for both Husband/Fathers and Wife/Mothers. Robert has won record-making civil jury verdicts in Delaware County and Morrow County. Additionally, Robert serves as general counsel for several central Ohio businesses.
Robert is a results-oriented lawyer who is highly sought after for contested custody cases, property and contract disputes, defense of drug and drunk driving charges and other misdemeanor and felony charges - including an unblemished record defending white collar crime cases. Robert has also had multiple victories in the Ohio Supreme Court.
A former candidate for Ohio Attorney General, Robert is highly politically active and is a staunch supporter of the original intent of the United States Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights. Robert currently serves on the Executive Committee of the Delaware County Republican Party and on the Board of Directors for Relationships Under Construction. Robert is a member of the National Council of the John Birch Society, the oldest and most prestigious grass-roots conservative action organization in the United States. Robert has been retained on many occasions by elected officials to plan strategy, draft press releases, handle media and direct damage control.
Today, Robert serves as an attorney to Delaware, Ohio residents — and beyond — who seek the services of an accomplished trial lawyer who takes pride in his roots.

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