Law Offices Of J. Lee Webb

Law Offices Of J. Lee Webb

What We Do!

We are very trained, and are as certified as any police officer in the state in alcohol and drug detection. We have successfully tried several hundred cases. We specialize in DUI and Drug charge criminal representation.

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  • DUI Defense
  • Marijuana Defense
  • Fake ID Defense
  • Minor In Possession Defense
  • Criminal Defense
  • Sex Crimes
  • White Collar Crimes
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About Law Offices Of J. Lee Webb

Having a defense lawyer on your side while facing a criminal charge has a number of benefits. In addition to providing honest advice so you can make well-informed decisions regarding your case, a criminal defense lawyer knows the strategies that can be used to minimize the impact that a criminal offense has on your life. Many criminal cases end at arraignment; that's because a large percentage of the population believes that just the act of being charged with a crime means there is no chance of successfully fighting their case. Unfortunately, pleading guilty is irreversible. Once you do that, you walk away with a conviction that cannot be expunged. Whether you are a student or currently employed, having a criminal conviction on your record can result in a number of consequences. Once your offense is discovered, you could be expelled from school or terminated from your job. A criminal record can even make things like traveling outside of the country or renting an apartment much more difficult.

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Athens-Clarke County, Georgia 30606 US

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