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Buy Vietnamese original art online
Buy Vietnamese original artwork from vietnamese artists. Find lacquer, lacquer paintings, acrylic paintings, do paper on

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  • Do paper art
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  • Acrylic art
  • Oil on canvas art

About Viet Art Space

Viet Fine Art was founded with the aim of creating a professional environment for painting and introducing Son ta, traditional lacquer painting, and other mediums of Vietnamese fine arts to the public. It is an organization where painters can not only find support for their artistic activities, but also display their best artworks to the world and attract investment.
Moreover, with a wide range of social and non-profit activities, we hope that we can contribute to build the consciousness of the public and recover the original position of Vietnamese paintings. This will emphasize the authenticity and prestige of Vietnamese painting to the international art world. Viet Fine Artu2019s focus is to succeed in the creation, preservation and development of unique Vietnamese art.

Our Location:

9/89, Thai Ha str, Dong Da Dis
Ha Noi, VN

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