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Home of the world's first elf rapper and creator of Christmas Crunk. It's like Eminem spent the holidays at Jazzy Jeff's, sometimes it's funny, sometimes it's serious, but always Hip-Hop & always Christmas.

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About Robby the Elf

I was born half elf on my mama's side, raised in an elf colony called The North Side, located on the north side, of the south side, of Michigan.

After saving the holidays myself, an elf, Santa challenged me to impact the world thru music. So I'm now beating the streets in Upstate, South Carolina since nobody's gonna give an elf a record deal just because he knows Santa. Some don't believe in him anyway.

Now I'm an elf underground, beating the streets 'cause nobody's gonna give an elf a record deal just because he knows Santa. I've been recording music & living in the Upstate of South Carolina for a spell now. It's kinda cool and Santa has a house and some family nearby.

So I'm here to spell the message about the repression of elves. Ask Christmas retailers, "Where's the elf stuff?" My goal is to have everyone to hear my music so that someday, every child will one day, each Christmas Eve, also leave, a cookie, for an elf.

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1599 Gap Creek Rd.
Lyman, South Carolina 29365 US

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