Brass Hardware for Historic and Architectural Wood Windows

SRS Hardware

What We Do!

SRS Hardware manufactures and sells the finest wooden window hardware including, ball bearing sash pulleys, window locks, spring bolts and storm window hardware.

Our Services

  • Window Locks
  • Window Pulleys
  • Window Lifts
  • Window Weights
  • Window Spring Bolts
  • Window Cords
  • Window Stop Bead Adjusters

About SRS Hardware

SRS Hardware's product catalog is the culmination of 25 years of window making experience. Starting as Smith Restoration Sash, we built high quality, traditional wooden windows and carefully developed proprietary window hardware for our own installations. Our hardware met high standards for appearance, function and ease of installation. Following the hardware’s introduction, inquiries came from architects, restoration contractors and historic commissions asking if we could make the hardware they experienced in our window units available to them.
Our hardware clients put great stock in the fact that our unique role as former end-user and now purveyor enables us to offer first hand, practical advice in selecting and installing an integrated suite of brass hardware and specialized window ancillaries for their projects.
What had started off as a collection of just a few hard-to-find items has grown to include brass window locks, sash pulleys, stop bead adjusters, spring bolts, storm sash hardware, Acro Numbering tacks, storm stays, sash lifts, American made sash cord and sash chain as well as Sarco glazing compounds. The catalog continues to increase.

Our Location:

3824 Cedar Springs Road #801-3205
Dallas, Texas 75219 US

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