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What We Do!

Bomba Acai, through our Brazilian Supplier Partner, purchases processed Acai Pulp that has been wild harvested and flash frozen within hours of harvesting in the Amazon Jungle. The frozen processed Pulp is then shipped immediately to our Partner Facilities in Brazil and then dried using proprietary drying technology and processed into our Premium Organic Acai Powder.  

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About Energy Foods International LLC

Energy Foods International, LLC is a unique company that is dedicated to offering the finest nutrient-rich Premium Bomba Açaí Powder to enhance the active, athletic, vibrant lifestyles of our customers and ourselves!
Our Guiding Philosophyour goals:

Devoted to fair, ethical, sustainable and holistic business practices with our customers, supplier partners, investors and employees.

Our goal is to encourage those persons focused on maintaining a healthy and energetic lifestyle to integrate Açaí into their daily wellness regime.

The unsurpassed quality of our Premium Acai is moderately priced and ensures that a percentage of Bomba Açaí sales supports the health and education of the families that cultivate the Açaí Berry. Our continuing efforts in the Region focuses on encouraging the reforestation of the Brazilian Amazon Rain Forest to maintain a Healthy Planet for Future Generations.

Our Location:

9300 S. Dadeland Blvd. STE 600,
Miami, Florida 33156 US

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