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PACES has the experience, knowledge and skills to ensure your child receives the necessary services required to be successful academically. The PACES staff clearly understands the IEP process from every possible angle. We are experienced in 504 plans, suspensions and expulsions, assessments and placements. Because we understand how dedicated you are to see your child receive the best possible educational experience, we can help you navigate through the road blocks you might be facing. In assistance with experience in 504 plans, suspension, expulsion and complete knowledge of IEP process, offers support to special children academically.

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  • special needs organizations
  • special education consultant
  • special education resources
  • individualized education program
  • special needs child care
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Martina Sholiton enjoyed a long career in public education. She has worked as a special education teacher, supervisor and administrator of special education services throughout California, Arizona and New York. As a result of her extensive experience, Martina recognized schools alone cannot meet the diagnosed needs of many students and their families. Consequently, Martina made the decision to step outside of the public school system to found PACES—Parental Advocacy for Children in Exceptional Situations.

PACES is an organization with the mission and vision to serve children and families in need of the support required to ensure their educational and personal needs are met according to law. Paces works with public and private agencies to ensure children receive the services necessary to be academically and personally successful.

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849 Almar Ave. Ste C-407
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