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Top dental services – Budapest Top Dental - Hungary, Europe Save up to 70% on your dental treatment in Hungary. Do you always get the quality treatment you are seeking? Do you not want to balance in between quality and price. We do not lower our quality but we keep it as high as possible. Most patients find dentists of Budapest Top Dental as true artists who did a great job for perfect smiles. If you want perfect treatments, do not hesitate to con

Our Services

  • Dental implants
  • dental crowns
  • dental bridges
  • teeth whitening
  • braces
  • dentures
  • CAD/CAM crowns


Budapest Top Dental has two state-of-the-art dental clinics in Budapest. The complaby has facilities in London and Dublin as well, so every treatment can be performed there as well.

First of all you may save up to 70% on dental treatment, secondly you may claim for 20% tax relief if you are from Ireland and last but not least you get the same treatment care and quality by our dentists in Budapest as you get in your home country while you are on a holiday in a beautiful, friendly and historical country.

Medical research shows the link between overall health and dental health. Don't put off taking care of your teeth because of the high cost! With our clinic you can get the dental work you need at a price you can afford, plus a fabulous vacation. Contact us right now on the left menu of this page for schedules, savings or more information.

"Budapest is more cosmopolitan than Prague, more romantic than Warsaw and more beautiful than both." as Lonely Planet travel guide says. To turn your dental terament in Hungary a real holiday, by clicking here you can download our tourism information package.

So, if you want to turn your dental treatment into a mini-holiday, Budapest (Hungary) is the best city to choose. Budapest Top Dental prides itself on making your dental holiday in Hungary an experience to remember, by helping with accommodations, travel, and even activities in your leisure time. To top it all at Budapest Top Dental you will be treated by a team of friendly dentists, technicians and patient support who are all trained to the highest standards and are fluent in English. If you do not speak English, or prefer any other language, just let us know and find you the right solution. Our dentists outside English speak Russian, French, German and Italian.

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Teru00e9z krt 55
Budapest, 1062 HU

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