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What We Do!

With access to a welding shop, machine shop, sheet metal shop, laser cutting system, water jet cutting system and a team of designers within our 35,000 square foot facility, Aero-tech has the ability to turn your concept to reality. We provide a truly one stop fabrication solution with the ability to manufacture most projects completely on site. Whether producing a prototype or a production run, our staff are ready to help you.

Our Services

  • Welding & Machining Metal Fabrication
  • Industrial Equipment Manufacturer
  • Aluminum Welding
  • Stainless Stell Welding
  • Skid Fabrication
  • Process Packaging
  • Water Jet Cutting

About Aero-Tech Group of Companies

Aero-Tech is a specialized manufacturing facility in the areas of welding, machining,&metal fabrication. Aero-Tech employs many processes and services suitable for stainless steel welding, aluminum welding, skid fabrication, and a diversified range of machining services. From one-off prototypes to high production CNC machining runs, Aero-Tech supplies quality machine components with high workmanship standards. Aero-Tech's welding, machining and fabrication also covers the manufacturing of industrial water treatment tanks, oilfield equipment and tooling, structural building components, industrial equipment, architectural fixtures, guardrails and many other projects.
Aero-Tech Specialty Welding and Fabrication Ltd. has been in operation since 1985, providing both conventional and exotic welding services to the Alberta and the international community.
Our services include professional and timely welding repairs, done by a highly trained and experienced team. Aero-Tech is capable of handling a range of welding repairs and project. As a leading welding company, Aero-Tech ensures the satisfaction of every customer upon the completion of any welding projects.

Our Location:

Bay 48, 5335 6 Street NE
Calgary, T2K 5Y4 CA

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