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Center for Change

What We Do!

Center for Change is a place for support and information regarding eating disorders. See the events we hold, take a self-diagnosis quiz, or read up on articles written for helping those who suffer from eating disorders.

Our Services

  • Health help
  • Medical/psychiatric care
  • Individual eating disorder
  • Family therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Body image therapy
  • Bulimia help

About Center for Change

At Center for Change, we understand your worries and fears about treatment. We know that you have important questions to ask to determine what are the best treatment options for expert care. We ask you to look at Center for Change closely to see not only our experience and clinical expertise, but also to see our heart, our passion for the work that we do and for the girls and women who come to our program.

The Center’s holistic approach to treating the mind, body and spirit includes helping each client use their own spiritual beliefs to aid them in their recovery. While the Center is a rigorous medical and clinical program, we recognize and honor the truth that spirituality is an important part of recovery and, therefore, an important part of treatment. Our approach is designed for women of various religious faiths or spiritual frameworks. It is non-denominational. Our spirituality component provides a safe environment for spiritual self-awareness, spiritual renewal, and spiritual support.

Center for Change has been committed from the very beginning to research, professional training, and publication in the specialty area of eating disorders. We have published many articles in professional journals from research conducted at Center for Change, and have published an American Psychological Association best seller, Spiritual Approaches in the Treatment of Women with Eating Disorders. We have provided professional and educational trainings and workshops throughout the United States and Canada to support therapists, physicians, teachers, dietitians, and counselors in the treatment and prevention of eating disorders. Through our research efforts, we are committed to be on the cutting edge of treatment and recovery of women with this serious illness.

Our Location:

1790 N State St
Orem, Utah 84057 US

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