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Dong Fine Art Company Bao Long

What We Do!

Dong Fine Art is one of the largest base of bronze casting in Tong Xa village. We produce and distribute hundreds of copper products with designs and sizes varied, rich in all kinds including worship, interior decorations as a drum, drum performance, and Buddha the celebrity, image of the beast.

Our Services

  • Worship Gifts
  • Copper Gifts
  • Handicrafts Gifts
  • Dong Feng Shui Gifts

About Dong Fine Art Company Bao Long

Tong Xa bronze casting village
Nam Dinh city is located about 20 kilometers, Tong Xa village is considered one of the cradles of the great tradition of bronze casting with developmental history nearly 900 years. Tong Xa artisans talented cast have created more sophisticated products are available throughout the country. Oldtimer, Tong Xa village casting just simple items like worshiping, top brass, censer. Today, its products are increasingly diverse village with Buddha statues, celebrity, ethnic leaders.

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621 la thu00e0nh
Hanoi, 10000 VN

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