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Get the most money for your diamond jewelry online by selling to professional diamond buyers in the fair marketplace. The only way to access this network of buyers and dealers is through Diamond Lighthouse. Free evaluations by on staff GIA gemologists and 100% insurance and shipping that is safe and secure every step of the way. Buyers then place bids on your diamonds and you choose the highest one. The more money you make, the more money we make.

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About Diamond Lighthouse

We do not buy diamonds; we help you sell them. Our online platform enables people looking to sell their diamond jewelry to showcase their diamonds to professional diamond buyers. Diamond Lighthouse acts as a broker and takes a commission from the sale (10% on diamonds 1 carat and higher). Therefore, we always strive to get our clients the most money. When offers for your diamonds come in, you can either choose or reject them; the choice is completely in your control. With free, secure and insured shipping, the entire process is incredibly safe, simple and clear.

Get the most money for your diamond jewelry in an open auction with the countryu2019s most exclusive diamond buyers. The more money you make, the more we do.

Diamond Lighthouse is the number one place to sell diamond jewelry for one reason and one reason only: we are the only company that doesn't buy diamonds, rather we help you sell yours to a professional network of diamond buyers, and then take a commission from the final sale. Since the only payment we receive whatsoever is this commission (10% on diamonds one carat and higher), our interests are aligned with yours: to get you the most money possible for your diamond jewelry.

How We Get You the Most Money For Your Diamond Once you send in your diamond jewelry through our 100% insured and guaranteed safe shipping process, we reach out to our established network of large jewelry vendors and dealers. Through them we find you the best offer for your diamond-up to twice as much as you might receive by selling your diamond to a pawnshop, jeweler or with another online business. Due to over 30 years of experience in the market that our founders and staff bring, we know the true value of a diamond and we refuse to let you receive anything less than what you deserve.

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