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Rebel Pest Control is A Family Oriented Pest Control Company Providing High Quality Pest Control Service Since 1990 Serving Las Vegas, North Las Vegas.

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  • Rebel Pest Control has been providing high quality pest control since 1990
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A termite inspection is a visual inspection of the readily accessible areas of a home for evidence of wood-destroying insects and wood-destroying organisms. The inspector will visually inspect the entire interior of a home and exterior of the property. In areas where termites are prevalent, and in houses where there are no sub-areas, the attic may also be accessed and inspected. After the inspection has been performed, the findings are reported on the applicable/appropriate form. Termites are a group of eusocial insects that, until recently, were classified at the taxonomic rank of order Isoptera (see taxonomybelow), but are now accepted as the epifamily Termitoidae, of the cockroach order Blattodea. While termites are commonly known, especially in Australia, as “white ants“, they are only distantly related to the ants.

How long does an inspection take?

The average termite or pest inspection takes approximately 30 to 45 minutes for a thorough inspection, depending on the size and conditions (e.g. clutter; storage of personal items, etc.) of the home and property.

What do termites look like?

Subterranean termite colonies consist of three different castes; reproductives, workers and soldiers. All of the Subterranean termites are generally creamy white in appearance and are translucent, looking very much in size, shape and color as a grain of rice. The reproductives, or “swarmers,” have a pair of even-sized wings and are often mistaken for flying ants. The workers look similar to the “swarmers,” only they are a little smaller and do not have wings. The soldiers are also similar except for their oversized heads and large, crushing mandibles.

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