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Urban Awning

What We Do!

We are a company that build and create quality awning for your home or business. If you do not have any ideas on where to place your awning, Contact us to get your free on-site consultation today.

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  • Metal Awning
  • Wood Awning
  • Fabric Awning
  • Retractable Awning

About Urban Awning

Awning is also known as overhang which is a secondary covering added to the building at exterior walls. Usually it is composed of cotton, canvas or polyester yarn with vinyl coating. Some people prefer aluminum awnings for their house because of its durability as fabric awning cannot handle heavy snow or wind loads. You can usually see awning at entrance of hotels and restaurants where it is provided to cover essential outdoor area. It can be located above doors, windows or mounted along sidewalk area of house as it is easy to extend out of building. Awning actually acts like a natural home automation system as during summer it avoids shades of sunshine to enter inside via windows and during winter season it helps to protect against snow or rain. Thus they naturally keep regulation over home temperatures and effectively reduce air conditioning cost. Your household items are also saved from fading problems with awning as it blocks direct sunlight entrance.

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