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Fair Rate Funding

What We Do!

Fair Rate Funding provides cash to plaintiffs prior to settlement. Lawsuit funding allows plaintiffs to weather the financial storm of litigation while they wait for their case to settle. Lawsuit loans, also known as settlement loans or settlement funding provide immediate financial relief to litigants.

Our Services

  • Personal Injury
  • Motor Vehicle accident
  • Slip and Fall
  • Premises Liability
  • Labor Law
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Breach of Contract

About Fair Rate Funding

Are you involved in a pending or settled lawsuit but cannot wait for your money?

If this is your problem, lawsuit funding (also known as a pre settlement loan or lawsuit cash advance) from Fair Rate Funding is the solution.

Collecting on your injury case takes time, usually between two and four years. This puts tremendous strain on your financial resources. Chances are you will eventually receive a substantial award. But until your case is settled, your bills keep piling up.

Lawsuit funding arrangements are essentially contracts between a plaintiff in a lawsuit and a "lender" to provide immediate cash to the client, often within 24 hours. The attorney then places the contract in the file as a lien against any future settlement. In other words, with lawsuit funding we loan you money now and when you settle the case, you pay us back.

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