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What We Do!

Top Kiosk manufacturers in USA. We offer Custom Solutions from Touch screen, Interactive Information kiosk systems. 15+ years experience w/ 3 Year Warranty.

Our Services

  • Airport Kiosks
  • Information Kiosks
  • Display Kiosks
  • Interactive Kiosks
  • Video Kiosks
  • Outdoor Kiosks
  • Payment Kiosks

About Kiosks Inc

You’re here today because you’re shopping for computer kiosks. If 14 years of doing custom kiosk sales has taught me anything, it is that buying kiosk systems is always a complex project. The process of acquiring them is filled with potential pitfalls and mistakes.

We at CompuStation have created this videos series not only to help you avoid those costly pitfalls but also so you learn some crucial pointers for making better-informed decisions. I personally believe these cues work for both newbies and veterans in the business of acquiring kiosks and related products.

Why Choose Us: Keeping Jobs in America

The two most important things you should know about us is that CompuStation, Inc. is right here, “onshore” if you will. We manufacture the kiosks and related stuff right here in Pomona, CA. If you had a bird’s eye view, you would see that all 12,000 sq. feet of the facility is devoted to manufacturing. The benefits to you?

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