interchangeable beads


What We Do!

Interchangeable Jewelry for bead makers and lovers.Transform your tenderly designed beads into your personal stunning jewelry master-piece with a large variety of interchangeable Jewelry.

Our Services

  • Starterkits
  • Singele Pendants
  • Pendant Parts by 10
  • Stackable Beadcaps
  • Additional Parts
  • Artistic Parts / Wraps
  • Necklaces & Neckwires

About beadhoppers

All Beadhoppers products are also available at wholesale prices to qualified buyers.

To become a Beadhoppers retail partner it is needed that you are owner of a beadshop with a valid sales tax or resale ID number issued by your State and in your name or your business name.
So please contact us with your business name, complete address, web shop URL and relevant business registration numbers.

All wholesale orders will be shipped directly from our office in Germany.
If you live inside the European Union it’s needed to submit us your VAT number for a tax free delivering inside the Euopean Union.

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