50 Plus Safety And Security

50 Plus Safety and Security

What We Do!

Security and safety tips,suggestions and resources for baby boomers and seniors.
There are over 73 million 50 plus-ers,baby boomers and seniors in the United States. These 50 plus year olds are nothing like the generations that came before them. These mid-lifers are living longer, healthier lives and pursuing a myriad of activities and interests.Many in this groups will desire and be in need of a

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  • non lethal self defense products
  • wireless alarms systems
  • First aid and emergency supplies
  • Discount medical supplies
  • active and healthy products
  • coupons
  • rebates

About 50 Plus Safety and Security

Multi-Vend Products. As the name indicates,provide our visitors and customers with multiple shopping venues and information resources that enable a safe,secure,healthy and active lifestyle. Self Defense Products give you hard hitting leverage over an attacker. Crimes occur everyday. Now is the time to arm yourself with effective non lethal weapons and crime preventing home security items.Criminals often attack what they believe to be soft targets.Unfortunately,older individuals in or approaching their senior years are included in that soft target category.Gain the Advantage against an assailant by arming yourself with non lethal self defense weapons.These defensive tools such as stun guns and pepper sprays, help you defend and protect yourself when you need it most.

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