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What We Do!

Diamond Factory is a 1 stop shop for diamond jewlery. we sell to the public in wholesale prices. We invite you to visit our show room in Tel-Aviv IL and find your perfect match

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  • Engagement rings vintage
  • Classic Engagement Rings
  • Twist Engagement Rings
  • Shaped engagement rings
  • Solitaire engagement rings

About Diamond Factory

All our jewelry is manufactured in Israel our own factory which is located in the Diamond Exchange and all supervision of the manufacturing process is performed by diamond dealers and our jewelery which maintain a high quality level in Israel. You are invited to come to our showroom and view the Diamond Exchange huge selection of diamond jewelry and engagement rings special designs and very shiny. All engagement rings that appear on the site in stock and can be purchased immediately by telephone or in the showroom. In addition, we offer close supervision of a qualified jeweler that will help you choose an engagement ring that perfectly fits your personal budget and taste special. Counseling sessions are free but by appointment.

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