Wildlife Travel and Photography In India and Africa


What We Do!

Birdwing specializes in wildlife Travel and photography, Offers adventure wildlife safaris, workshops and Tours in India and Africa, Landscape photography, Wildlife animal pictures, sanctuaries

Our Services

  • adventure wildlife safaris
  • workshops and Tours in India and Africa
  • Landscape photography
  • Wildlife animal pictures
  • sanctuaries

About birdwing

Birdwing Travel and Photography as the name itself may suggest, is a premium travel company. With that said, we have a vision to provide you, our client with premium travel at affordable prices.

We don’t believe in gimmicky taglines for our mission statement. We have a very aspirational three part mission statement that defines our north star as a company. We want to:

Showcase the beauty of the environment and culture around us

Run a sustainable business that outlasts the founders

Advocate passionately for environmental justice

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