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Myers & Eichelberger, P.L.

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Located in Orlando, Florida, Myers and Eichelberger, P.L., represents clients facing serious financial problems. We help clients fight foreclosure efforts against them by banks and lenders, and to avoid or resolve other stressful real estate-related financial problems.

Our Services

  • Foreclosure Defense
  • Loan Modification
  • Short Sales
  • Mediation

About Myers & Eichelberger, P.L.

Many people faced with foreclosure on their homes are understandably frightened, overwhelmed and confused. They feel powerless, desperate, without answers.

Don't let these emotions get the best of you - and cause you to avoid seeking the help you need. At Myers & Eichelberger, P.L., serving foreclosure clients in Orlando and Central Florida, we work hard toward strategies that could keep you in your home and keep you from resorting to a bankruptcy filing or short sale.

For most Floridians, residential real estate is far and away their largest financial investment. You worked hard to afford your home, raised your family there, and began your personal and professional dreams there. Now that you are at risk of losing it because of joblessness during the recession or a lender's unscrupulous actions, you need experienced foreclosure attorneys on your side who will aggressively protect your rights - in court if necessary.

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5728 Major Blvd. Suite 735
Orlando, Florida 32819 US

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