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CareOne Debt Relief Services leads the industry in helping people get out of debt the smart way. We've helped over 5 million people and we're here to help you. The providers of CareOne Debt Relief Services emphasize the importance of making smart budgeting decisions to provide consumers with the confidence to manage their money successfully.

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Is Debt Consolidation Right for You?
The Providers of CareOne Debt Relief ServicesSM offer a way out of debt with payments you can afford. It's not another loan. It's not bankruptcy. It's a realistic and personalized plan. A Debt Management Plan (DMP), such as that offered by CareOne Services, Inc., may help you pay off your unsecured debts, including your credit card debts, in full in five years or less. By consolidating your debts into one, simple monthly payment, the DMP may offer significant savings in both interest and repayment terms.

CareOne also offers a Debt Settlement Plan (DSP). With debt settlement, we will work with you and your creditors to negotiate to pay back a portion of your unsecured debt. Rather than make monthly payments to your creditors, you'll instead make affordable monthly deposits into a trust account. This type of debt-relief plan will have a negative impact on your credit, so it's important to discuss this and all options with a qualified representative.

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