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Pool Decks - Coral Stone is an exclusive importer and distributor of luxury coral stone tiles, stone pavers and pool copings for pool decks.

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Stone Pavers, Tiles, Copings, Bullnose Copings, Columns, Slabs.... you name it! Coral Stone is an exclusive producer and importer of stone tiles, slabs, swimming pool coping, stone blocks and pavers. Our natural coral-fossil stone - coralina "key stone" products are cut and sized to expose fossil patterns and natural beauty. Our stone is highly selected from the best quarries in the Dominican Republic and we offer red coral, gold coral as well as white coral. Its neutral color and rich texture makes it a very versatile material for interiors and exteriors. Columns, balustrades, handrails, moldings, corbels, fountains and any other piece of craftsmanship can be fabricated with our natural stone.

Swimming Pool Decks

Do you own a swimming pool? If so, have you ever experienced some of these pool deck problems?
* Slippery surface, which not only can be hazardous to you or anyone of your family members or house guests?
* How about hot surface, specially during bright sunny days where all you want to do is take off your shoes and enjoy your day at the pool?
Well, we have the solution for you! Coral Stone pool decking tiles and pavers.
Our beautiful coral stone aside from eliminating those problems, it adds elegance and luxury to your pool surroundings, not to mention the fact that it will also substantially increases your property cash value!
There are many different sizes, thickness and patterns to choose for swimming pool decks.
Our coral stone is imported from the Dominican Republic which is becoming a staple for the elite and those with undiscriminating taste, can also be a part of your home.

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