Schutzhund Obedience

The obedience phase of schutzhund is commonly misunderstood as a entirely separate entity. It actually is the groundwork for all 3 phases consisting of tracking, obedience and protection.

Focus training will help the tracking portion of the dogs work by allowing him/her the opportunity to concentrate for long periods of time while tracking.

The obedience phase is all done off leash and should be shown with confidence and enjoyment of the work.

Obedience in protection is a must.

It is what the control portion of the protection phase which is shown throughout the protection routine is all about. There is nothing more impressive and team oriented as a well executed callout from the blind or an excellent escort of the helper by a strong dog, confident in his and his handlers abilities. This is the teamwork that is shown throughout the trial and is judged. The basis of this teamwork is obedience.

Obedience training for dogs can be divided in two parts:

Off the leash and on leash training, or off lead and on lead training.
Many dog commands are applicable to both situations, off the leash and on leash.

Another issue with Obedience training for dogs is that it takes a lifetime…
…if you consider that your dog’s obedience needs to be retrained regularly…
You must train your dog over a longer period of time in various environments and situations, before you can consider your dog as being “trained’. Because dogs do not easily relate a trained behavior in one environment or situation to our required behavior in another environment or situation.