Get Ripped for This Summer

Spring is around the corner and most peoples thoughts turn to wanting to look good wearing their summer clothes. Now is the time to start your body’s fat burning furnace to lean out for swimsuit and shirtless weather. These very simple fat burning weight loss tips will help you get there.

The human body is an amazing thing. It is “hard wired” for survival. One of the major contributing factors to our nation’s obesity problem is that our body’s evolution has not caught up to our present day life styles. The body has a natural instinct to store fat for the coming hard times. The problem is, unlike our ancestors who did have to worry about how to feed themselves during bad weather, food is available to us, in abundance all the time. Since the body doesn’t know this it starts storing even more fat than normal as winter approaches. It knows that you have to consume more food in cold weather to generate additional body heat and it doesn’t assume that you will have it. But we do. Hence the fat gained to survive winter, turns into additional body weight for the summer.

Most peoples first thought is to go on a diet and though cutting calories is a sensible plan, what matters more is HOW you cut them. Again, remember, the body is hard wired for survival. A large immediate reduction in calories tells the body “hard times” and your internal furnaces automatically slow down so as to not starve to death. The body doesn’t know you are TRYING to lose weight. Therefore a large immediate reduction in caloric intake (most diets!), results in the body fighting against itself to lose weight in general and fat in particular.

Do you ever allow yourself to get hungry enough so that your stomach growls? If you do forget about fat loss . By this time your body has automatically said to itself “the next food in will not be burned, but stored so we don’t get this close to starvation again”. Again, the body doesn’t know you are TRYING to lose weight. So the trick is how to out smart our body’s into not knowing what we are doing. Here’s how.

Never allow yourself to get hungry. Eat OFTEN!

You have probably heard that many small meals is better than 3 large ones. This is absolutely true. But the real weight and fat loss trick is that they can’t be “meals”. I don’t consider 275-300 calories a meal in anyway. But any more calorie intake than this, at a sitting, will result in fat retention. So obviously, this number or less results in fat loss . But you can never allow your body to be “hungry” because it will shut down fat burning. Around 1800 calories a day (for most men, 1500 for women) spread out over the day (6 sessions of eating) will allow your body to think it’s being nourished enough to allow additional calorie needs to come from stored reserves (fat).

Most people have no problem eating often. You have to train yourself to not eat a lot at each sitting. But remember, the body is amazing. In a VERY short time frame (about a week), it adapts to 6 - 300 calorie feedings as sufficient, hunger pains literally go away and the fat loss begins. Diets and starvation is not the answer, EATING often and right is.