A Culinary Art by: Best Restaurants

A Delicious Way Of Cooking, A Culinary Art

 by: Best Restaurants

Would you like to taste authentic French specialties gourmet food and recipes? Well, this is what Délices de France can do for you. Délices de France was founded in January of 2004 by Anne Garrett. I know all the fine dining of her country. Ingredients from the best French tables, used with a blend of spices, mushrooms, mustards and different ingredients, will please your delicate palate. Do you ever wanted to taste a real cheese fondue, a gourmet potato casserole or a roasted chicken au Reblochon? Yummm, it sounds delicious. Well it is. Add a different touch to your cooking by trying the French way of life, recipes from the best restaurants in France, recipes that she has made in her own kitchen with ingredients you cannot find anywhere else but over in France. Spices and scents that will embalm your kitchen and leave a delicious perfume of Provence. Discover this beautiful region, located in the South of France. The architecture and decors use a lot of colors, purple or yellow houses where you can smell the fresh morning due. For miles, fields of lavender that will give to your soul a piece of quiet and “fraîcheur”.

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