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Celebrating Diwali Stir Fry Sauces For Fast And Festive Foods

Another Restaurant Guide and Food & Drink Article

Diwali, the five-day fall 'Festival of Lights', begins on October 25 and Canada's Hindu communities will celebrate in the traditional manner - decorating their homes with lights, handing out sweets and sharing festive meals with their friends and families.

Food is an important part of the Diwali celebrations. Most Hindus are vegetarians but like all the people of India, they prepare their foods with great care using rich blends of herbs and spices to produce the wonderful aromas and flavours of food from the sub-continent.

Traditionally, foods are enriched with ghee (clarified butter), cream and nuts. Lentils and saffron rice are served generously as families honour their guests and encourage a festive spirit.

Long hours spent in preparation and cooking can be reduced dramatically for the busy families of today by using the many pre-blended sauces available on the market. For example, Sharwood's line of Stir Fry sauces can be used to produce delicious versions of favourite Indian dishes in as little as 10 minutes.

You have a choice of several. Tikka Stir Fry sauce blends aromatic spices with tomatoes, yogurt and garlic, which will marinate and tenderize all kinds of meat. A variety of spices and seasonings blended with cream make Curry Stir Fry sauce a mild explosion of taste which is ideal for chicken, shrimp or vegetables.

Tandoori dishes are a world-wide favourite. If you don't have the clay tandoor oven needed to produce tandoori chicken or shrimp the way professional chefs do, Tandoori Stir Fry sauce is an excellent substitute. Just stir fry your meal with a few tablespoons of the sauce. You'll have a dish fit to celebrate Diwali or any other festival.

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