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askMedLegalExpert, Inc.

A new and never before seen unique service that gives you direct online access to an experienced board certified orthopedic surgeon medical legal forensic expert. You can ask questions and present your case to the expert. He will review your information and within 24 - 72 hours send you a personal response with medical legal analysis of your case and answers to your questions. Your 'on-call' personal medical legal expert.

Phone : 714-900-3309

You don't need an attorney to get Expert Medical Legal opinions. AskMedLegalExpert, Inc. was created by Dr. Steven Graboff to give you direct access to a Medical Legal Expert. Ask questions and present your case online now!

Our Services

  • Medical Legal Analysis
  • Fast Answers to Your Questions
  • Medical Legal Case Review
  • Expert Analysis and Report
  • Ask an Expert MedLegal Questions
  • Low Cost
  • Personal Service

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