Movers Not Shakers

Movers, Not Shakers is actively seeking ways to reduce moving waste. We believe that a majority of the waste produced during moving can be eliminated and are working hard to prove it. The first way we are working to reduce moving waste is by running all of our trucks which do moving throughout Brooklyn and the greater NYC area on biodiesel. This reduces about 80% of all carbon emissions and makes them run more efficiently. The second way we do this is by collecting your old cell phones and other electronic devices that you plan to throw away and delivering them to the appropriate recycling centers. This saves you the time and trouble of trying to navigate NYC to drop them off. The third way is through clothing recycling. We collect usable old clothing that you’re ready to throw away and deliver them to Wearable Collections that diverts clothing away from landfills. This clothing is then recycled by being sold as second hand clothing, turned into rags or ground into fibers. The fourth way we help the environment is by using Simple Green, the worldwide leader for environmentally friendly cleaning products. It’s great for sanitizing our reusable green bins and cleaning off the dirt our trucks accumulate from driving our Brooklyn and NYC. The fifth and final way is by providing our reusable green bins. They remove a majority of the cardboard and tape waste traditionally needed in moving. This saves hundreds of trees each year which means less CO2 in the air and more O2. So if you’re someone who cares about the environment and living in Brooklyn or the greater NYC area, contact us for a free moving estimate. We have great rates flat rates and will make your move fun and enjoyable.
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