KOOX Diving Experience in Tulum Cenotes

Diving in Tulum’s crystalline waters is considered to be a life-changing experience for both recreational and professional divers. We at KOOX Diving will guide you through the most unique places for diving in the entire world. Surrounded by the calm waters of the Caribbean sea, the Yucatan Peninsula is the “holy grail” for cenotes, freshwater cave systems and underground lakes. Together we will explore hidden dive spots, you will observe the incredible local underwater flora and fauna - sea turtles, corals, manta rays, whale and bull sharks. From standard reef diving, through cave and cavern diving, to diving with sharks and crocodile tours, there is something for everyone. Let's go diving in Tulum with KOOX for the experience of a lifetime. Film by Valentina Cortese © for http://www.kooxdiving.com/en/ Contact us on http://www.kooxdiving.com/en/contact/ and let your adventure begin.
  • KOOX Diving Experience in Tulum Cenotes
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