Comedy To Make Education More Fun

As I wrote previously American student's math, science and reading skills are steadily falling versus the rest of the world. This will continue the dangerous trend of fewer and fewer American born engineers, scientists, R&D, IT and technical professionals for both: a) engineering recruiters like myself to uncover and b) internal executive recruitment teams of companies to employ. As I reported in and companies have used novel approaches to increase R&D, engineering, scientific, R&D, IT and technical breakthroughs. Similar novel approaches can yield significant educational improvements! For example, harnessing comedic producers like Mike Judge to improve the relevance, fun and content of educational materials. They clearly know the pulse of our young people. The result may be a lot more engineers, scientists, R&D, IT and technical people born and reared in the U.S. For more recruiting, interview preparation or career advice please go to Get More Update to Connect With Me: Facebook: Twitter: Google+: LinkedIn: WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS ON THIS SUBJECT?
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