3 Steps To Improve International Recruiting

Our recently completed and successful Lean Manufacturing Manager search in Canada for a world-renowned confectionary company spotlights 3 STEPS you can follow to improve your international recruiting process. First, you need to Really Leverage LinkedIn to improve your batting average. LinkedIn's membership recently increased 7% to 296 million members worldwide. Therefore, you need to apply the new form of networking, social media e-networking, to exponentially increase those contacts that can be useful to you now and in the future. I recommend as a rule of thumb you should have at least 500 connections on LinkedIn, which is the most business useful of all social media sites. Personally, I am up to almost 4500 connections, which puts me at the top 1/10 of 1% of all LinkedIn members worldwide! This allows me to contact not only those in my network, but also those in my connection's networks. Furthermore, I vigorously use LinkedIn's InMail https://www.linkedin.com/static?key=about_inmail to contact those who are neither in my network nor the network of my connections. In fact, this is how I was able to uncover the star performer that I recently placed with my client. Second, you need to Be Very Persistent. Case in point, the star performer I recently uncovered and placed at first was not interested in my client's opportunity. It was only after I repeatedly followed up with pertinent information about my client that their interest started to peak. What sealed the deal was the cooperation of the Director of Lean Manufacturing who was willing to work hand-in-hand with me to romance this phenomenal candidate. Finally, you need to Continuously Follow Up with the candidate. I have found in my almost 30 years of recruiting that more deals fall apart due to a lack of follow up than any other major reason. Often the smallest issues can snowball into major ones if not addressed early on. That is why it is very, very important to keep in constant contact with your candidates. For more recruiting, interview preparation or career advice please go to http://www.strategicsearch.com Get More Update to Connect With Me: https://www.facebook.com/StrategicSearchCorporation https://twitter.com/scottsargis https://plus.google.com/+ScottSargis http://linkedin.com/in/ScottSargis WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS ON THIS SUBJECT?
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