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Your case may never go to trial. While some clients want their stories told to a jury, for others, the thought of going to trial is intimidating and unpleasant. The truth is, regardless of which group you fall into, you create your best chance at a successful outcome when you put your case into the capable hands of a confident, aggressive, and skilled trial lawyer.At ZHL, we carefully screen and limit the number of clients we accept so that you will have full access to all of our firms award-winning Denver, Colorado personal injury attorneys, fighting for you every step of the way. Please take a look at our featured practice areas to see how we can help you.

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We have successfully tried cases in Denver, Aspen, and all along the front range of Colorado. Both the Court of Appeals and the Colorado Supreme Court ruled in our favor on appeal. No of the circumstances surrounding your case—an injury to yourself or a loved one's death—you deserve the best personal injury or Wrongful Death attorney available.

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When we set out to start Zaner Harden Law, we intended to offer the most individualized service possible to the people who eventually became our clients. Although we placed a premium on developing meaningful connections with each client, we understood that this was meaningless if we couldn't back it up with the highest quality legal representation. The legal skill that incorporates expertise, originality, and determination ultimately prevails.

With Zaner Harden Law on your side, you can rest assured that you'll have the greatest trial attorneys advocating for your case. Over the course of our legal careers, we have amassed an amazing record of accomplishments on behalf of hundreds of clients around the country. Our firm has helped injured clients in Colorado obtain tens of millions of dollars in settlements and jury awards. For additional information on the following verdicts, we recently achieved in Colorado for our clients, see our ZH News page.

Auto Accidents Denver Colorado

Full compensation or a sufficient settlement may be difficult to get without the assistance of an experienced auto accident attorney. Representatives from insurance firms are mainly interested in reducing payouts to save their employers money. However, they disregard any potential consequences in the future.

Denver Sexual Assault Lawyer

Sexual harassment, assault, and abuse have no place in any institution, including places of worship, the workplace, or healthcare facilities. Acts like these undermine the trust that underpins our society. If you need legal representation for sexual assault, call Zaner Harden Law.

Denver Motorcycle Accident Lawyer,

Our team of Colorado motorcycle accident lawyers at Zaner Harden Law is devoted to ensuring that motorcycle accident victims and their families receive the support they require after a collision. Please take a moment to view a video of just one of the many clients we have represented following a motorcycle accident.

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