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Your personal goal-based yoga coach. Select your health goal to start your preventive healthcare journey with Yoga.
Weight loss, fat burn %38 toning, General fitness and endurance, PCOS/PCOD management, Chronic pain relief, De-stress and improved sleep,
Migraine, Asthma, Diabetes %38 Thyroid.90% of members had significant weight loss irrespective of their age, gender and intensity level.

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  • Yoga For Women’s Health
  • Yoga For PCOS Program
  • Yoga For Diabetes Program
  • Yoga For Hypertension Program
  • Yoga For Weight Loss Program
  • Yoga For Pregnancy Program
  • Yoga For Back Pain Program

About YogaMantra

Best Yoga Center in your pocket
Now you can acquire a personalized yoga plan through your Mantra Care application anywhere and anytime by our professional dieticians/ nutritionists. Here, you can avail yourself of yoga consultation, and yoga schedules online 24/7.

Meet MantraCare – The Best Yoga For PCOS Program

The Yoga For Weight Loss Program is a 16-week program that consists of four modules. Each module consists of four classes, for a total of 16 yoga classes. It is the most comprehensive yoga program on the market. There are many reasons why you should join our Yoga For Weight Loss Program.

Healthy Weight Loss Plan

Yoga For Weight Loss Program is a healthy, natural way to lose weight and improve your health. Our program works on positive health by improving digestion and metabolism. It will also help reduce stress so you can feel better both physically mentally!

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