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The False Claims Act is a federal regulation under which whistleblowers, dubbed relators, can report fraud against the state by filing a qui tam case. These lawsuits are commonly based on insider knowledge that the government may not have been able to uncover on its own. The False Claims Act attorneys at Bracker & Marcus LLC work for these whistleblowers. We ensure that their story is told in the most powerful and noteworthy way so the government will intervene and hopefully settle their qui tam lawsuit. If you have any questions, or if you know fraud is being committed against the government, give us a call at 770-988-5035. Our consultations are always on standby, and we would be pleased to speak with you about your potential or existing case.

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Our False Claims Act attorneys specialize in the art of preparing qui tam cases. To do this, we work closely with our clients, using our knowledge and experience to draw out every piece of relevant information that could help the government conduct its investigation.

However, familiarity with the False Claims Act is only half the battle. A government fraud attorney is most effective when they have experience with the particular type of fraud being alleged, as well as the rules and regulations at issue. Not only are we able to focus our efforts on what matters most, but our prior experiences enable us to uncover claims that our clients were not even aware of.

But we also rely extensively on our clients’ training and understanding of their fields. They have been immersed in their profession for years, sometimes decades, and have real-world experience that lawyers do not. They lived the fraud, saw it firsthand, talked with the people conspiring to defraud the government, and dealt with the patients or customers who were victimized as a result.

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