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Speakeasy Therapy Services, LLC

What We Do!

Communication plays a significant role in everyones life. It is our way of expressing ourselves and getting through our messages to others. However, there are instances where some people are challenged with speech disorder or condition due to many reasons. Our company, SpeakEasy Therapy, helps kids and adults regain their confidence by providing articulation and phonology sessions, and occupational therapy and physical therapy. We also have pediatric and adult treatment, which focuses on the persons ability to be independent. To know more about us, you can visit our website https://www.speakeasytherapylv.org/. You can also call us through this number: 702.515.4009. We locate at 7425 W Azure Dr, Ste 140, Las Vegas, NV 89130 USA.

Our Services

  • Adult Speech Therapy
  • Pediatrics Speech Therapy
  • Oral Dysfunctional Disorders
  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Tummytime Method
Phone: (702) 515-4009

About Speakeasy Therapy Services, LLC

Kelley Carter has been a Speech Pathologist for over 20 years, graduating from CSUNorthridge with her Masters in 1997. Kelley has worked in a variety of settings including Rehabilitation Hospitals, Skilled Nursing, Schools, Early Intervention, Corporate setting, Outpatient and Home Health.
She has specialized in Feeding, Speech/Language, Articulation, Apraxia, Aphasia, Phonological delays, Oral Motor/Oral Myofunctional training (Airway, Oral Structure and Function), Fluency and Voice.
Kelley has also received extensive training in Cranial Nerve Dysfunction, Autonomic Nervous System dysregulation, Tummy Time Method certification, Pre-and post Frenectomy treatment, as well as treatment to maximize development of social interaction, sensory regulation and maximizing feeding and oral development through movement and exercises starting in infancy.
Kelley started Speakeasy Therapy in 2014 when patients requested her to continue to work with their child upon graduating from NEIS. Quickly, she discovered the need for quality care with the goal of discharging her patients to the maximum of their abilities through effective and functional “play” therapy.
She is passionate about educating the families and collaborating with other specialists to maximize results, while looking at the “whole person” and attempting to determine the “why.” She attends several conferences a year to train in the leading, innovative and effective therapies to further train her staff to continue to provide excellent treatment to her clients.
Kelley is a member of ASHA, SCOPE, and the IAOM, AAMPD, ICAP

Our Location:

7425 W Azure Dr, 140, Las Vegas 89130
Las Vegas, Nevada 89130 US

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