School management system

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With the school management enabling parents to get hold of their wards performance, attendance or fee details among others at the touch of a few buttons, this frees up the concerned teachers time from performing these repetitive unproductive tasks.

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  • Online Classes
  • Fee Management
  • E-Learning
  • Bus Tracking App
  • School Diary
  • Students Assessment
  • Student Tracking System
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School & Parents can communicate with each other over mobile devices or computers. For online classes, we highly recommend teachers to use computers as it helps to organize the presentation materials. Students & parents can access from their handhelds using SkoolBeep iOS and Android apps.
The real-time student tracking system that leverages mobile and web technologies to improve student performance; enhance graduation rate; mobile app for tracking student location instantaneously; Track location and take pictures
The school management parent portal app helps to set a direct, honest and transparent line of communication with parents thereby saving s lot of time and effort.
School management system

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