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We design and build beautiful kitchens that make life easy for cooks, for entertainers, for families.

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Making memories over meals and milestones is easier when the space is maximised and well designed. You shouldn’t need to rummage around in the dark, yank a reluctant drawer or leave a cupboard empty because it’s too awkwardly placed to use.

A kitchen should be beautiful, from the finishes to the hinges, because every detail of your kitchen is an ingredient in the experience of cooking for your family and guests.

That’s why we don’t consider any detail too small to be thought through in the plan for your kitchen. A fabulous aesthetic, however, is only the starting point. Beneath the surface, every aspect of the kitchen needs to function effortlessly. The cook should be able to glide through the space, always finding what they need within reach because every mechanism and placement has been carefully considered.

With over 25 years’ experience designing and manufacturing custom kitchens, bathroom, laundries and wardrobes in Sydney, we know how to think a design through, from the first join in the cabinetry to the complete look, including appliances.

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208 Parramatta Rd, Camperdown NSW
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